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Updated: Apr 25

by Mark Schuit

London is a city where history and the present intertwine seamlessly. In Westminster, as the sun peers through morning mist, age-old cobblestones come alive, echoing tales of kings, queens, and valiant knights. The Thames, winding and timeless, flows like a patient storyteller, each ripple a chapter, each murmur a tale of love, loss, and redemption. Chelsea bursts into contemporary color, its streets pulsating with the electric dreams of artists, innovators, and dreamers. Farringdon, with its quaint charm, waltzes gracefully on the edge of time, where the allure of yesteryears seamlessly blends with the vibrant promise of tomorrow. And as night's embrace begins to envelop the city, Kensington stands as a gentle guardian, its serene streets whispering promises of another day filled with wonder and enchantment.





ⓒ Music by Mark Schuit 2023


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