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Updated: Apr 25

by Mark Schuit

At the water's edge, where the stillness of the lake meets the horizon, lies a canvas of inverted horizons. Above, the night sky shines with stars that are reflected in the water below, creating a breathtakingly beautiful sight. The clarity of the water allows for an almost perfect mirror image, and the motion of the ripples and waves bring a dynamic element to the reflection.

As I gaze out at this stunning scene, I can't help but draw parallels to life. Like the stars in the water, our perceptions and understanding of the world around us are often reflections of our own experiences and beliefs. The clarity of our thoughts and emotions can determine the clarity of our reflections, just as the clarity of the water determines the clarity of the starry reflection.

But just as the water's surface is constantly in motion, so too is life. Our perspectives and reflections are constantly shifting and evolving as we grow and experience new things. And just as the ripples on the water can distort or enhance the reflection, so too can our perceptions be influenced by external factors.

Our reflections are not always an accurate representation of reality, just as the stars in the water may not perfectly align with the actual sky above. But by acknowledging this, we can strive to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and strive to see things with greater clarity and understanding.





ⓒ Music by Mark Schuit 2023


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