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Updated: Apr 25

by Mark Schuit

In the distant past, where time and space were abstract concepts and the universe was still in its infancy, existed an intriguing realm of smoke and mist. It was here that life first sparked into existence, a cosmic tale woven into the tapestry of the universe, a hidden plan devised by the forces unknown. This realm was a place of beguiling haze, a mystical dance of elements in which life was conceived. From the ashes of celestial bodies, life emerged, unshackled and wild, exploring the depths of existence. The smoke and mist, seemingly chaotic, was actually the cradle nurturing the burgeoning life.

Life began to take shape amidst this cosmic ballet, a silhouette drawn against the smoky canvas of creation. It was a performance of existence, bold and fearless, with every spin and twirl, life began to form, to grow. The story was being written, yet it was untold, an enigma etched into the cosmos itself. With each passing moment, life found its way through the thick smoke, navigating the complexities of existence. It was the dawn of a brand new day, the start of life, a monumental event that would reshape the universe. The smoke was more than a mere spectator. It was a storyteller, recounting the tale of life's inception. Amidst the misty haze, life played its part, leaving a mark on the universe, a testament to its journey from non-existence to existence.

Emerging from the shadows, life took flight, breaking free from the darkness. It was a miraculous transition, from a state of oblivion to the brilliance of existence, a testament to the resilience and tenacity of life. Embers danced around in this realm, their shadows swaying in a rhythmic harmony. Guided by the ethereal glow of the embers, life found its path. It was a journey that would continue for eons, constantly evolving, constantly growing.

In this realm of grayscale, life was not just a spectator, but a participant. The smoke and mist, the dancing embers, and the swaying shadows were all part of the grand spectacle. It was here that life came to see and understand the mystery of its birth, a riddle wrapped in layers of cosmic smoke and celestial mist. And so, in the realm of smoke and mist, the story of life unfolded. From the ashes, it rose, wild and free, navigating through the smoke, dancing with the embers, and playing its part in the cosmic tale. The birth of life, a mystery that continues to fascinate, began in this realm of gray, a testament to the infinite possibilities of the universe.





ⓒ Music by Mark Schuit 2023


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